In my previous article, I had mentioned about the importance of goal, promising to return with something comprehensive to achieve the set goal.

We had formed a social media group of all our school friends and planned an extravagant reunion party. All of them tried to connect to our school friends and convinced each other to come for the reunion. This was special as we were meeting after 24 years.

We all chose different paths and careers when we were 15 years, now after 24 year we were all in our mid life, between 39 to 41 years. Connecting after so many years was an achievement in itself and

excitement was tremendous. Some friends were in touch with each other, some had really lost touch…… so eagerness to know each other once again, to know about their career, lifestyle, status….etc was on everyone’s list.
The day arrived and everyone met each other, meetings and greetings flowed throughout the floor. There were discussions all around, venue was noisy….music was playing at the background. Initially it was really chaotic as we were meeting after almost two and a half decades, but later on things settled down and people started enjoying, with dancing, childhood games…etc

Party was over, it was a great success and everyone left with a smile on their faces, promising meeting or being in touch with each other on a regular basis. That night when I was about to sleep, I couldn’t sleep thinking about some of my friends being able to achieve high degree of success, some were content with small level of success and some of them didn’t succeed, still struggling to make ends meet, surviving to make a mark.

While speaking to some of my friends, they mentioned about setting some goals and targets to reach a certain level. Others just went with the flow of life and some didn’t have ambitions to reach the pinnacle.

So today, I will be discussing about how to set goals and follow it to the core to achieve success.

We all have dreams, be it personal or materialistic, but some dreams keep lingering and occurring on a regular basis which makes us restless and at times, make us loose our sleep. Dreams are free of cost and it doesn’t require anyone to be rich or poor to dream. However, what do we do with these dreams? Can we ever make the most of our dreams?

When you have read the above passage, you might think dreams are all waste of time and why this discussion.

Let’s see how we could capitalise on our dreams and convert it into our life goals.

As rightly said

Before getting into details of different levels of goal, it is very important to write down all our dreams.


Let us understand the different levels of goal setting.

  • Longer Term Goals

Long term goals are the ultimate goal that you want to achieve in your entire life span. This is the bigger vision of your dream.  For example, by the time one retires he/she should have achievements in all the areas of life—materialistic, spiritual, personal… etc. (for e.g. Row House, Spiritual wisdom, abundance in finance…etc)

  • Mid Term Goals

Mid-term goals could attribute to mid life, again touching the areas of materialistic, spiritualistic, personal… etc

  • Short Term Goals

Short term goals are goals which should be achieved within 3 years to 5 years. Prioritising and working with full potential to achieve the same.

  • Immediate Goals

Immediate goals should be the immediate targets to be achieved which could be in months or couple of years.

The long term goal plays a vital role in finalising your ultimate goals, so dream big… dream more…. dream in abundance…. Once done just write it down and put a deadline to it (a date when you want it to be achieved).

It might take a while to set a long term goal, for some it might be earlier; however you have to spend some time with yourself, get to the bottom of what your desire in your life and then write it down with 100% commitment attached to it. If the commitment level is below 100% then it would be difficult to achieve.





-Swami Vivekananda

Now, you might be wondering what the areas of life are…

It would be a commendable, if important areas of life are considered for goal setting.

Important Areas like:

  • Financial Independence
  • Standard of Living
  • Comfortable retired life
  • Personal Excellence (socially and professionally)
  • Children Education / Recreation / Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Spirituality

Make goals around all these areas and see how your stress will subside too. When goals in all these areas are covered we have a clear picture of what do we require in our life to make us self-sufficient.

Questions like What, When, How…etc if associated with goals could give a clearer interpretation on the path to its achievement.

For Example:

For financial aid-

  • What is the reason I require these financial aid?
  • When will I be able to achieve this financial aid?
  • How could I go about achieving this financial aid?

This all might seem a little confusing, however once you start with the process; there is clarity in our mind on how should we work towards achieving our goal (our dream). Commitment and execution of plan would lead to the complete success.
Even in the eventuality of some challenges and plan not working fine, make another plan. Also, failure is a part of learning and it gives only feedback to us about our plan and strategy.

Dream to Goal and way towards success – Systematic Process

The above mentioned flow process will provide the appropriate platform to launch your goal and will lead you to achieve success with 100% commitment towards its fulfilment.

In true sense, Visualising and believing in oneself is imperative in achieving these goals. Once the plan map is set in our mind, subconscious level starts working in making the task easier and thus providing the necessary attributes required for the achievement.







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