Football is world renowned game; many of us enjoy this sport.

 Let’s play a game of ‘Spot the difference’ with reference to football:


Did you come across any difference?

Can you spot one major difference?

If you have found one, that’s great, keep up the good work.

If you still are looking for the difference, check it out one more time, cautiously.

No? Let me give you a hint – Which team is going to win in fig 2? Any guess… (Where is the team heading to? What will lead them to victory?)

By now, you must have spotted the difference. The hint question is the most important aspect of this game.

The difference is there is no goal post in the fig.2. Just imagine this situation in a football match; it would become very difficult to adjudge the winner or loser. The players would keep running with the ball and passing it to one another; without knowing where to go. It would be a total chaos.

Now imagine your life being the football ground without the goal post. What would happen?
Wouldn’t it be equally chaotic?

If we don’t have set GOALS in our life, we would be like the players in the Fig.2.

In today’s competitive world it becomes very imperative to have goals in life. To plan a strategic step-by-step process, to attain or complete a set goal, is known as GOAL SETTING.

What are goals?

Goals are nothing but dreams (small / large), aspirations (education / career), passion (interests), etc.

Initiation of Goal Setting:   

Early stages of life:

In earlier life (5 yrs to 12 yrs) goals are basic and revolve around passion / interest like arts, music, singing, dancing etc. For some, these goals may be short lived and some may pursue it further.

Goals play a crucial part when an individual reaches 10th Grade (15 yrs).  An individual is on a crossroad with many alleyways and it is a challenge to select an appropriate path and follow it to the core. It is a decisive juncture in one’s life to make an ultimate choice – choose an education path which would eventually lead to career selection thus directing towards financial stability, success and growth.

Is this the right time to start planning and initiate Goal Setting?

Well, it is advisable to start early on Goal Setting, than waiting for the last minute decision making. Goal Setting should start at around 13 yrs to 14 yrs. Sometimes, children are unsure about their goals – they should be guided and given a time frame to set their goal. Parents should take the lead to explain the importance of goal setting and converse with their children to discuss about their goals.

Parents can take the help of a career counselor or carry out Aptitude Testing to identify the interest and strength quotient of the individual. These are support systems that can help parents/children to identify their goal (basically a stream for e.g. arts / commerce/science/ technical/architecture etc. that they could pursue) which inturn will equip children to make better decisions and take the appropriate next steps.

Later stage of life:

Once the education path is decided, a new plan has to be laid down linking one’s dream and aspirations. This could be achieved through short time goals, which are:

Education Plan:

Systematic and meticulous plans have to be executed, so that the desired result could be achieved. The path could be challenging, however backup plans have to be prepared in advance, for better outcome. If there’s help required, it should be asked and sought. All alternatives should be thought of and prepared well in advance so that there are no hindrances during the executions.

Career Plan:

Formerly, if education plan is executed successfully, it leads us to the next important plan in life, which determines our achievement and success with regards to social status, financial stability, materialistic accomplishment and family respectability.

Growth Plan:

With career plan, it’s very imperative to also start working towards a growth plan, as this would lead the way to your GOAL. With appropriate planning, patience and resilience, reaching your GOAL is inevitable.

 Retirement Plan:

Last but not the least, when things are set in the right direction, retirement plan should be drawn to lead a peaceful life of fulfillment. Health concerns and financial instability are the obstacles at the end stages of life. Surplus, if created, could provide the much needed resistance to continue happily.

The above plans make it clear, how important it is to plan each and every phase of our life, so that we not only take advantages of all the challenges but also come out of the varied situation successfully.

We discussed about the Goals and how to initiate it. Now, let us get into a more detailed study of how to create plans and in true sense, execute GOAL SETTING.

Goal Setting:

A Big question…. 

Lot of dreams, aspiration, growth, rides on our back the moment we are born. The moment of truth is that our parents, ourselves, family members, peers and many others lay down Goals for us and drive us to achieve it.

Goals are supposed to be enormous in nature. It should be the ultimate position / achievement / growth, which you want to achieve in your life. It has to be followed diligently and brought to a near, perfect end. The goals are further divided into long term and short term goals.

Once the long term goal is set, all the short term goals, which we mentioned above could be executed to achieve the set Goal.  Short term goals are necessary, which would prepare an individual to face challenges, deal with it and execute multiple solutions, thus attaining major insight, as they transition from one short term goal to another.

These short term goals should be designed in such a way that they complement the long term goal which has to be achieved ultimately.

Setting up long term and short term goals is process which needs proper planning, perseverance and a well thought over plan. Look out for my next article on setting up long term and short term goals.

For example:

If an individual wants to grow up to become an Engineer, his/her short term goal would be to get good percentage in Xth garde, pursue Science in XIIth grade, attain good scores and appear for the Engineering competitive examination for getting shortlisted and selecting a well-known college.

Since the long term goal had mention of an Engineer attribute, it becomes easier to set the short term goal. The selection of the education plan was easier.

How to Achieve a set goal?

A Big question…. 

Lot of dreams, aspiration, growth etc. rides on our back the moment we are born. The moment of truth is that our parents lay down Goal and drive us to achieve it.

Is this the real Goal to accomplish?

Step 1:

 It becomes very significant to spend some time with our-self and determine our own Goals. Once this step is achieved, then Goal Setting could be executed.

Till the time the set Goal is not determined Step 1 should be repeated.

Step 2:

Goals should be larger and not something which is small and achievable within a short span of time. If it is diminutive then the essence is lost. If our goal is to achieve 85% scores in Xth grade. When the results are out and you achieve the Goal.  You as well as your near and dear ones will be excited, however will you be able to get the college of your choice with your percentage.


If a young person has the ultimate goal to become renowned, affluent and internationally acclaimed singer.

In the early stage of life he/she could start his singing classes. At this stage parents support and understanding is very important. As most of the parents wants their children to do well in education and pursue some professional path (doctor / engineer / M.B.A etc). The first challenge is to convince parents.
Nowadays, parents try to gauge their children’s potential and enroll them in some training classes.

If the decision is in the later stage it really become challenging to convince parents about your Goal and bigger picture. Here, it is necessary to discuss your Goals with your parents and seek their advice and suggestion to follow your chosen path. With open communication and discussion where both the parties know about each other’s expectation and a consensus is met then the path ahead will be full of support in terms to finance, motivation, assistance and guidance.

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