I just happened to complete a six day workshop on Entrepreneurship Development Program with one of the leading institutes in India.

Wow!!! What an experience?

Entrepreneurship Development Program, we call it EDP, is an annual program conducted for students who have recently joined the management institute. It’s a six-day workshop catering to developing behavioural skills, leadership ability, decision making and of course, entrepreneurship with communication being at the core of it all.

The dates were fixed; packing was done with set of all formal attire to be worn for the workshop, with the appropriate blend of blazers, suits, formal shirts and trousers and not to forget the matching ties. This workshop was for the futuristic entrepreneurs’ who would bring about a change in the working dynamics of our society, providing new innovative products with employment. Thus, we were on the path to help our young generation realise their potential and explore the world of imagination to the utmost level.

We had to train a batch of 240 young entrepreneurs. Six trainers were appointed to provide the ultimate platform to guide and mentor these young minds.



These young minds had no experience of the corporate world; they were fresh out of college joining the institute to get their management degree.

They were from different parts of the country, exposed to various belief systems, having their own apprehensions, never worked in a team, individual contributors.

The only thing these young minds had on their mind was to complete management and get into the corporate world with lucrative salary package and better designations.

Goals in life were not well designed; only to get employment these young minds had set their foot in this management institute.


The most crucial day, it’s a day when groups have to be formed; old groups have to be broken. Interpersonal communication has to be developed for better bonding. These young minds don’t mingle with many and are comfortable with their old pals or similar natives, since they are new to the environment.

 They form new groups and friend circle as the day progresses resulting in more interpersonal communication and knowing each other—thus understanding their own, as well as other individual’s weakness and strengths. This forms the basis of the program to build on and to nurture the entrepreneur skills.

Some of the apprehension had mellowed down. They were getting ready for the change. Communication patterns were modified. This was an appropriate atmosphere for the second day to begin.

Again the young minds went through the nitty-gritty of the program and this time learning was very high, thus swaying them towards more professionalism and getting their mind ready for facing any challenges that arise while on the path of success.

Without knowing about the transformation these young minds were just grasping the knowledge, expertise and exposure from their coach, facilitators and mentors.


Maturity level was also at the crux of increasing to greater heights; just some pieces of the jigsaw to tune their persona were remaining. The imagination and creative quotient were set to motion on Day 1 itself with respective responsibilities entrusting the real, practical corporate world.

Today was the day to put all the imaginative and creative challenges to test, everything had to be documented with facts, figures, ideas, product…etc… This was the first draft, the first impression, the first step to converting an imagination into reality.


Today was the day of modification, rectification, streamlining, getting the team to work together. They were fighting with their internal belief system, they challenged it, thus converting it into the empowered belief system and working towards a common goal—exhibiting the true power of a team.

Hard work was visible; they had sacrificed their sleep and kept on increasing their knowledge through various channels. Going beyond their limitation to do something which was next to impossible. Though most of them were not up to the mark, with constant feedback and guidance, motivation level was to the maximum, thus providing them with the desire to strive for more.


The final documentation of the imaginative creation. This creation which was set in motion was taking its shape and was at the verge of getting converted into reality. Something true, something visible, something which we could relate to, which we could feel…..

All the pieces of the jigsaw were put together and the final draft was presented. From Day 3 to Day 5, many had seen failure. They faced uphill challenges. They fell down as a team, their imaginations were discouraged and more lucrative and viable product to the customer was the demand. Turmoil was to the utmost level. Some of the team just wanted to quit, they thought things are not going to come to a conclusion.

One-to-one with the team by the facilitator made them relaxed, boosting their self confidence and making them see beyond success and failure. This helped them to get their focus back and strive for excellence.


The ultimate day of the journey, which had started five days ago.

The stage was set to bring the young minds imagination and creativity to reality and that too in totality.

A tensed and nervous atmosphere prevailed as they had to setup their exhibition stalls, display their products, market their products and sell it to the customer. Persuading the Joint Venture Team to invest in their product was the top priority. Visiting cards were floated; customer’s dragged from one business stall to another, uniforms rolled out to display standardisation.

The products varied from visible to virtual, all made their way to the stalls. Technology was at its best, latest technologies were explored – web sites, apps designed as per the business model, solar usage, gadget usage, new hardware’s designed (research phase). Atmosphere at the event was just out of the world experience.


Standing at the corner and watching these young minds displaying core values of the corporate world brought a tear of joy in my eyes. There was fantastic team work, a comprehensive planning, absolute demonstration of leadership quality,  great marketing strategy, decision making, risk taking ability, uncertainty of the business model and its modification, creativity at it best while displaying the stalls, a eagerness to succeed and an competitive edge to excel….

Young minds, who started six days ago… who had an element of doubt…. who had limited belief…. very nascent from college…. underwent a drastic transformation in their persona, approach and knowledge…… they have the foundation to launch themselves and strive for excellence…

They have “WINGS OF CHANGE” in their life, now they can fly as high as they want……


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