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biju's cogent Academy

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To touch millions of lives through training and development and consistently work towards awakening the unscathed potential of every individual.

Inspiring over million of people to find a clear purpose in their life, realise and absolve the power within, devise a strategic plan to reach their goals and accomplish their life long dreams.


  • To be world renowned, one-stop destination, providing high value training and development in educational services to our clients, shareholders, customers, employees and society.
  • Around the world – across language barriers, diverse customs and unique culture, we will continue to build a corporate culture that respects and values the unique strength of every individual.
  • Create flexible training platform to proactively adapt to the diversified talent models, continuously driving people development, people management and operational improvements.
  • Cultivate a congenial atmosphere of learning with the focus on maximum people engagement supporting the well-being, development and sense of purpose to achieve excellence in whatever endeavour undertaken.
  • Activate the full potential of an individual to perform to the utmost of his ability by transforming the persona not only from the outer perception but also through inner thinking and emotional modifications.
  • Motivate and facilitate clients to achieve their true potential and bring about a positive change through transformation and accomplishing self-defined goals. Endeavour clients to recognise and build on their strengths, explore their current reality and find positive ways to make changes and move forward.
  • We collaborate with our clients to achieve their goals and empower transformation by leading with reliability, proficiency and empathy.

Let's Meet the Director & Founder

Biju Goppalan

Author | Success Coach | NLP Practitioner | Behavioural Trainer | Counsellor |Athelete

Life hits you hard again and again, however the bravest and the head strong gets up, brushes aside the dust and starts on with the journey called life…


 – biju goppalan

Approximately six years ago I realized my passion for behavioural training and coaching, this feeling weighed on me very heavily. Through my life as well as career journey came a deeper desire to not only learn more about providing appropriate guidance and assistance but a strong desire to share my experience of transformation with others. I believed if I was truly able to transform my life, I would be able to help others transform themselves. Change is a scary thing; we are all set in our ways of life, routines, day to day activities. Many times we need an outside voice to give us advice and that extra push to drive ourselves to achieve more. When I decided to bring about a change in my life, I underwent many training, completed certification and attended many programs to enhance my skills. My passion for training ensued and I began assisting many trainer’s to learn and get a better understanding of the challenges that many participant faced, which stopped them from really doing well in their life. As my connection to behavioural training grew deeper, I realised what my true calling was…to become a Behavioural Trainer, Success Coach and a Counseler to help others transform their persona and life achieving excellence in what-ever they do.

Change is scary, right? I had a successful corporate job, a handsome remuneration, close group of friends and a comfortable life.

Why would I leave?… Passion 

So here we are… I became a certified Behavioural Trainer, quit my lucrative job and moved on to bring about a positive change in people’s life thus training more than 700 individuals from varied spheres of life—from students to managers and everyone in between. My training style not only covers the external aspects of an individual’s persona, but it also smoothly transitions into the subconscious to bring about an overall transformational change in an individual. In this phase of my career, my primary focus will be on Success Coaching, Behavioural Training and Counselling plans for my clients.



ICF Certified Success Coach

NFNLP Certified NLP Practitioner

Life Coach

Executive MBA - HR

Personality Development

Train the Trainer - EDS

British Council English for Employability

Advance Diploma in Ops. Management